Chad Womack, CEO

After graduating from Eastern Washington University, Chad split his time between Miami and New York working onboard the Norway, Starward & Dreamward with Norwegian Cruise Line sailing the Carribbean islands. The “work hard, play hard” lifestyle started here and set the trend for years to come.

In early 1995 he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and started in the resort industry with The Phoenician Resort which at the time was a Mobile 5 Star property. He gained experience in various departments including front desk, guest services and houskeeping. Providing exceptional customer service proved to be a valuable asset.

In 1997, he took a Sales role with American Saw & Manufacturing traveling the western 13 states selling Lenox power tool accessories and performing blade demonstrations by cutting cars in half! Yes, cutting cars in half with a recripricating saw or a hacksaw was a blast and can be done in less than a couple minutes.

In 1999, he caught the technology bug and moved to San Francisco where he gained his early knowlege in technical recruiting and project management. The dot-com days in the Bay Area were exciting and surreal. The relationships built during those years created the foundation for the upcoming years.

In 2004, while living in San Diego, he worked with a couple of great guys on various startup projects. After his first trip to Latin America, he began building a network in Argentina and started hiring customer service agents and developers. In December of 2010 Deviget was formed with a handful of developers in Buenos Aires and has since spread their presence throughout South America.  

Chad spends much of his time traveling for work and his spare time with family enjoying the great outdoors.