Renato Villone, Software engineer

Renato made his first steps as a programmer about 25 years ago, on Christmas eve of the year 1989. After giving up on insisting to get a computer, he was even more surprised to find the Commodore 128-D, which shone below the tree.
Among the manuals was a book, bulkier than the others, titled “BASIC”.

And so began his journey into programming: drawing pictures on the screen and moving them with a ‘joystick’, or the needles of a clock with trigonometric functions. Self-taught, copying the book’s examples, and always adding things. He never considered a program finished.

With the advent of the x86, he discovered other more powerful languages, like Pascal and C. But it is in C ++ where he felt most comfortable, for many years.
Always interested in topics suc

h as auto control and digital signal processing, it was frustrating not to have hardware to put this knowledge into practice. The boom in smartphones changed this reality: A variety of sensors, integrated on a single, accessible device. The Motorola Milestone from a friend was irrefutable evidence that he should guide his career this way.