Cristian Seva, DevOps Engineer

I started as a networker in the beginnings of the internet (1997). During the beginning of mobile networks, I was involved in the implementation of 2G/3G network.

I then worked as a developer for ten years providing solutions to VOIP Business. After that, I became a Unix Administrator giving support to IBM and XEROX for eight years.

But during the recent years and due to technological changes in IT world, I dove into projects with AGILE methodology, and Continuous Integration and Deployment, on platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, building solutions using technologies like Ansible, CHEF, Puppet, Jenkins, PipeLines, Vagrant, Docker, Python, Consul, Vault, Packer, Terraform, Arm Templates, PowerShell, Ruby, Bash, Etc. 

Now I am working as a DevOps Engineer, designing and supporting the top companies around the world.