Gustavo Barron, DevOps

Hobbie collector and Philomath with over ten years of experience in a wide arrange of skills. Having a preference for creating things that help people with their work. 

For the last couple years, I have focused on Ruby, Javascript, and whatever is needed to deploy those technologies consistently and at scale. Very often, I like to interact with product/UX teams on how to make better tools or how to improve a process.

In my spare time, I like to tinker with other technologies going from home automation with electronics and microcontrollers to other techniques not yet in the mainstream, trying to keep a foot on the technological zeitgeist. Every now and then I also like to appear as a conference speaker and love to give some of my time providing mentoring to up and coming talent. If there is some time left at the end of the day, I enjoy some media, especially works of fiction in fantasy or Sci-Fi settings.