Leandro Glossman, Software engineer

Leandro’s journey to software development began when he was a teenager and his grandmother gifted him a computer which, among the first things he did with it, was to completely disassemble and reassemble. He was fascinated by the Operating System’s inner workings and particularly Linux. Given the poor state of desktop environments at the time, that got him frustrated, and it caught his eye on the UX field. Simultaneously, the World Wide Web was becoming mainstream so he started doing some freelance work as a web developer to pay for his expenses.

After finishing high school, Leandro started working as a fulltime Java developer for corporations doing server side development until the rise of mobile technologies and Android when he then realized it was his chance to integrate his experience with Java, Operating Systems, UX and server side development.

When Leandro is not working, he is a healthy lifestyle advocate and loves going out for runs side by side with his dog. He also enjoys picnics in the nearby parks. Leandro is also a martial arts and contact sports practitioner.