Manuel Pereira Esaa, Software Engineer

Since I was a kid, I really liked to read books, enjoying reading about histories from the past, wars, politics, heroes, etc.

While not playing or watching soccer (I am a Real Madrid fan), I was looking for anything to learn or read. When I was twelve years old, I had my first experience with a computer, and that was the beginning of my career.

A few years later I heard about visual basic and found a disk with a VB6 setup along with some manuals. I started reading about programming, and read many tutorials to build crazy things related to hacking with VB. I later moved to C, was introduced to Java at my University many years later, and it was then a new passion for web development was born.

In University, I built an awesome piece of software for an electronics projects with a teensy board using C, but a new curiosity for everything related to the web attracted my attention.