Mariano Guadagnini, Mobile Developer

Mariano has been struggling with computers since he was a kid, starting on the ancient Commodore 64 and Spectrum days. He enjoyed “fixing” things, disassembling radios, TVs, interested by the inner workings of any gadget.

He is an Electronics Technician, with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and has worked through different technologies since he started in the programming world more than a decade ago: from C++ CGIs, to Flash, PHP, .Net, Mobile Web, iOS and Windows Phone. He set out with iOS back in 2008, and been creating a wide range of projects for the platform, witnessing its growth and mellowing.

He is an asado fan and enjoys meals with friends and family. Mariano is also fond of playing soccer with friends, going out, and enjoys listening to (any kind of) music. He is also a frustrated amateur Synth keyboardist too!