Megan Hornick, Operations

Megan is an urban wannabe (although does love living in the country), lover of all things food (and wine!) and mother of two precious little angels and one four-legged furry friend. After graduating from University of Southern California (Fight On!), Megan decided to move to the east coast and try her hand in the hotel industry. She worked over ten years (and over ten cities) in luxury hotel operations all over the country. These fine places introduced her to new people, various cultures, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person she is today.

Megan is not limited to Human Resources and Operations; she enjoys health and fitness and is an RKC certified instructor. She can be found enjoying most activities outdoors (even though she may not be very good at them, at least she will give them a whirl!) and channeling her inner chef by creating healthful ‘gourmet’ meals at home. She also has a love for unicorns.