Sergio Scotta, Software Engineer

I live in Córdoba, Argentina. In the words of a friend: I’m not brave enough to be engineer and not gay enough to be an artist. Haunted by these words I started to study Industrial Design. I was really fine with this, but after a trip to Germany I decided to move to graphic design. That evolved into web design and in time, I landed a job as a UX/UI Designer. The funny thing is that I always avoided programming! Luckily, when I started web design, I learned a lot about front-end and programming in general.

Time passed and I started to fall in love with the power of making things work and programming in general, along with JavaScript in particular (because it is magical). Nowadays I try my best to add value to my work using my variety of skills and working hard to do things better and to stay up to date with new concepts and technologies.

In my free time I like to swim, ride longboards (from other people, I broke mine), read, and play board games (like Exploding Kittens). I also have some challenging projects that I use to stay in shape and in touch with the developers and design community.